Masterchef U.S S5
Sundays @ 7.50pm

America's biggest culinary competiton is back!

Styled To Rock
Wednesdays @ 9.40pm

Don't miss the Double-Episode Series Premiere on Aug 27th @ 8.45pm

Devious Maids S2
Tuesdays at 9.40pm

The maids reveal all the dirty laundry and the darkest secrets

The Rachel Zoe Project S4
Tuesdays at 7.50pm

Rachel is back to take fashion to the next level

Parenthood S5
Mon-Fri @ 5.05pm

Come see new lives, a newborn & new business in the Braverman family

Masterchef U.S S5 Styled To Rock Devious Maids S2 The Rachel Zoe Project S4 Parenthood S5
Witches of East End S1 Witches of East End S1

Tune in for a wicked good time for the epic season finale on Aug 19th @ 8.45pm. Tuesdays @ 8.45pm.

Friends With Better Lives Friends With Better Lives

Love is beautiful but true friendship is even better! Mondays @ 9.15pm