Devious Maids S3
Tuesdays @ 6.55pm

Hottest, sexiest and juiciest guilty pleasure is back for its third season!

Masterchef US S6
Thursdays @ 6.55pm

Follow the three judges turn one home cook into a culinary master!

Amsale Girls
Wed, 17 June @ 6.55pm

Watch the wonderful ladies of Amsale tackle bridezillas!

Witches of East End S2
Tuesdays @ 7.50pm

Wicked Tuesdays is back to spice up your Tuesdays!

New Girl S4
Mon, 22 June @ 7.20pm

Catch the final two episodes of this quirky, hit comedy!

Devious Maids S3 Masterchef US S6 Amsale Girls Witches of East End S2 New Girl S4
Devious Maids S3 Devious Maids S3

Season three picks up at last year’s cliffhanger where a gunman takes aim during Rosie and Spence’s wedding. Tuesdays @ 6.55pm

Grey Grey's Anatomy S11

The intense medical drama sees the doctors tackle unfathomable crisis' and the season takes a dramatic turn. Fri, 5 June @ 6pm