57th Grammy Awards
Mon, 9 Feb LIVE at 9am + ENCORE at 7.50pm

Catch the star-studded, action-packed event LIVE!

American Idol S14
Thu & Fri @ 6 + 8pm

It gets bigger and better! Same Day As The U.S!

Glee S6
Saturdays @ 8.45pm

Glee is set to sign off with a hit! Same Day As The U.S!

Masterchef Junior U.S. S3
Wednesdays @ 7.50pm

The pint-size chefs rule the kitchen! Same Day As The U.S!

Sex and The City
Mon - Fri @ 11.30pm

Follow the 4 young, and witty bachelorettes takeover NYC!

57th Grammy Awards American Idol S14 Glee S6 Masterchef Junior U.S. S3 Sex and The City
The Apartment S3 The Apartment S3

The all-Celebrity cast of aspiring designers prove that they can saw, paint and hammer for the top prize! Sundays @ 9.40pm

Revenge S4 Revenge S4

The cycle of vengeance isn't over! Follow the increasingly intense drama Same Day As The U.S! Mondays @ 10.35pm